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The international construction company “Strabag” is asking students to analyze the changes made to the Federal Law 214 of the Russian Federation. Previously, project developers could finance their construction with deposits from residents of the to-be-built apartments. This led to instances where some project developers abused clients’ money and never completed construction successfully. Today, the new law mandates project developers to keep their clients’ money in an escrow account and receive project financing from banks to pay for construction. In the workshop, participants will highlight advantages and disadvantages of the new law for each player on the market and the impact the new law has on the broader real estate market.

Österreichsche Nationalbank (the Central Bank of the Republic of Austria) is looking forward to hearing students’ visions on the future of payment systems. Following the recent launch of the EU fast payments system (TIPS), a wide range of new payment solutions has become feasible. In this workshop, students will identify the most promising opportunities to create disruptive products that will provide a frictionless customer payment experience. They will take on the challenge to develop a comprehensive concept of the Next Big Thing in the field of payment services.

The banking industry today faces a lot of challenges and is becoming more and more competitive due to the active introduction of new technologies. This workshop is supported by “Raiffeisenbank” and dedicated to solving real burning problems of the banking industry. If you are enthusiastic about banking, do not miss this opportunity to become one of the creators of its future. According to your performance you may also get a job offer from the partner.

This workshop will focus on the transport of goods by railway and the overall mobility between the EU, Russia and Asia. It will discuss the Chinese “One Belt One Road” initiative with the project “Breitspur” (http://www.breitspur.com/) as a focal point. The “Breitspur” project should connect the Twin City Region of Vienna and Bratislava with the larger Chinese initiative by extending the broad-gauge railway which currently stops at Košice. Participants of this workshop will analyze and assess which infrastructure investments along the transport route are necessary in order to enhance the transfer of goods and improve mobility, with a particular focus on two actors: the EU and Russia. Participants will discuss challenges and opportunities as well as political, geographical, and micro- and macroeconomic factors.


Friday, June 14, 2019, Skolkovo Business School, Moscow

12.30                      Registration

13.00                      Welcome Lunch

14.00                      Conference opening 

15.00                      First workshop session

16.30                      Coffee break

17.00                      Second workshop session

Saturday, June 15, 2019, Skolkovo Business School, Moscow

9.30                        Breakfast

10.00                      Presentation of conference results

10.30                      “Governors’ Panel” with Central Bank governors (TBC)

11.30                      Lunch

13.00                      Third workshop session

15.00                      Coffee break

15.30                      Speech: “Next Steps”

16.00                      Conference closing


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